WP NoteUp 1.1 “Cube”

WP NoteUp, dubbed “Cube” (read more about Ice Cube) was just released to WordPress.org! Development around Cube was focused around releasing a version of NoteUp that allowed the user to format their notes, e.g.:

WP NoteUp 1.1 Cube

All the new features were accomplished because of the great CMB2 (which we use @WebDevStudios all the time). Now you can bold, italic, add links and images. You can even add bulleted lists.

I hope this allows users to really get more out of having a place to put content or takes notes without having to fudge up your content. If you enjoyed the update, let me know in the comments!

Checkout the plugin on WordPress.org, or checkout out development of 1.2 at Github

3 thoughts on “WP NoteUp 1.1 “Cube”

  1. Darknote

    The plugin was compatible WP 4.6.1? Soon WP 4.7?
    Used to leave notes to other authors, to signify how to write a seo optimized post?
    Thank You


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