Working on a Gravity Forms + First Data Global Gateway e4℠ WordPress plugin!

Working on this plugin has been pretty self-verifying. I was a little worried I couldn’t do it, just because it seemed daunting. But, by moving forward in small steps, I’ve managed to get 60% of it done! And, it’s verified for me that I can do things like this. Just because you are staring at a big task, with mild-to-moderate experience with it, not sure where to start, doesn’t mean you can’t do it! What worked for me was doing things step-by-step.

Plus, I’ve had some people out there doing similar things that have helped through example and their openness! It’s my hope that I can open source this project as well. I’m doing it through work, but I am going to try and get it out there!

I’m not done yet! I still have a lot to finish… Here’s a peak at what it looks like.

10 thoughts on “Working on a Gravity Forms + First Data Global Gateway e4℠ WordPress plugin!

  1. Aubrey Portwood

    The plugin is done and already working on our clients sites. I’m working with the company I work with on possibly open sourcing it, might be a fee or a paid support model tied into it, but I will keep people posted here on my blog. Might subscribe.

    1. emtmatt1124

      I would be happy to pay a license fee for it, but need to make a decision within the next week or 2. When would you know if / how you would be comfortable licensing the plugin.

    2. Aubrey Portwood

      I had a chat with our team and we are prepared to release it to in the near future, but not within your timeline. But, since we do plan on releasing it, we could give you a copy beforehand for a fee. $100 and it will give you priority support for life using the product. Let me know if you’re interested.

  2. Jonathan S

    Does one need the Developer version of Gravity Forms for the plugin to work, or does it work with the regular version as well?

  3. Eric

    This is an awesome plugin, but I can use it because my site is not secure. I use the buttons from FirstData so then the user is directed to FirstData’s secure site. Would it be possible for you to have the plugin use the name and address fields but then not require the credit card info so that is all handled on First Data’s website?


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