Why Google Desktop (Search) Didn’t Work for Me

So, the other day I installed Google Desktop. I love search bar from Finder on OSX, and I was looking for something similar. I also like the Windows Search feature, but I found it lacking (and, mainly, slow). I also wanted to be able to do “Google-like” searching, such as Enethrie -.avi, for everything with Enethrie, except no avi movies. But, Google Desktop lacked when it came to how I store my files.

My File/Folder Strategy

So, I guess my storing strategy needs to be explained a little first. First, it starts off with the Desktop. The Desktop  is the “now” folder, and it’s what I’m working on now, or recently. Over a week I could end up with thirty folders on my Desktop that I work with throughout the week. Filenames aren’t as important as folder names. Every file, even if there is only one, gets a folder (starting on the Desktop). The folder is named based on who, what, where and when with “tags” for relationships. So, for instance, when I save this webpage as a backup, I will call the folder I create (on my desktop) Enethrie - Why Google Desktop (Search) Didn't Work for Me, folder structure, google desktop, June 22nd 2011. I name them this way because, when I am ready to find something, I don’t want to click around; I want to do a search. So, later on, I may have forgotten what it was all about, but I remembered “Enethrie” and “folder structure” or “Enethrie” and it was in “June.” This way I can find things without having to click around. I also don’t create category folders, I simply have a folder called “My Stuff” that, once my Desktop starts getting full, I move them all to the “My Stuff” folder.


And so, Google Desktop lacked in one thing for me: folders. When I hit Ctrl+Ctrl, I would type Enethrie and not much would show up, because it was directing me to files, and not folders. Now Windows 7 search does come up with folders when I do a search, but it’s still slow and clunky. In fact, it’s still loading a search I just did.

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