I’m going to #wcphx

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Well, I’m patiently awaiting for my first experience at WordCamp Phoenix! Early this year I made a point to get more involved in the things that make me happy, and one of them is WordPress! A big part of getting involved are WordCamps, and although I have been a WordPress madman for years, I have never been to one of these. As the night dies down my anxiety rises as I get more and more excited to experience a WordCamp.

I’ll be blogging

There are tons of talks I can’t wait to attend, like Writing Extensible Plugins, Cain & Obenland in the Morning, Managing Client Expectations from Start to Finish and many more throughout the camp. I’ll be attempting to blog as much as I can. Make sure and follow #wcphx on my blog.

Plans for a new plugin…

While I’m attending this WordCamp I’m going to try and release a new plugin. Still not sure what it’s going to be, but some ideas:

  • Install plugins from GitHub/BitBucket via the Plugin Installer (with automatic update?)
  • Add “stickers” to your site like you do your laptop
  • Add link without having to go find the link, copy, and paste (via Google search)
  • Follow other WordPress blogs and compile a feed in your dashboard for them (Goodbye RSS reader?)

Really depends on the time I have! But, time at Gangplank is sure to happen at some point, a perfect time to write some code and blog!

Make sure and follow #wcphx

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