Use Ease of Access to use Ctrl Alt Del at Windows Logon with TightVNC

Screenshot of using On Screen Keyboard to press Ctrl Alt Del

So, I had this problem this morning. I am finding that Remote Desktop isn’t always the best solution for remotly controlling a computer or server. Sometimes, I have to logon and run a few programs overnight or during the day. If you use Remote Desktop to connect, that user gets logged off and the tasks are killed. So, I have been using TightVNC to connect to computers that are already running tasks.

But, once I locked the screen on the remote machine, I couldn’t use Ctrl Alt Del to log back in using TightVNC. I did some Googling, but couldn’t find anything that really worked that I really had the time for. But, I clicked the Ease of Access button at the logon screen and vwalla, it worked!

Quick fix, but it works!

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