Ubuntu 9.04 NR Suspend/SD Card Problem on Dell Mini 9

So, I decided to install Ubuntu 9.04 NR after starting my semester as a Computer Science Major, main reason, gcc. Plus, the Linux itch was getting to me, thought I’d give it a try again, give it another go.

But, right away, Ubuntu was running fine, of course with some of the usual drop in experience from XP: slow video, slow Firefox, etc. Even thought I still feel bad for grandma and still have no hope of her enjoying the Linux experience, I found a few tweaks to help:

But, other than that, Ubuntu is still not quite running well enough to give it even a B+, you get a C+. As we speak last.fm in Rhythmbox is skipping once in a while! But, that’s not what this post is about.

This is about when you close your lid on your Dell Mini 9, nothing comes up when you open it up except a cursor. After thinking for just a few hours, I figured it out, if you have an SD card in the slot, and sleep it, you are going to keep getting that. So, now, you have to remove the SD card before suspending the computer! Annoying, still wondering why I let the Linux itch get to me (as Last.fm keeps skipping and typing is freaking out, writing this post).


Fixed: I had recently tried installing Ubuntu UNR on the SD card and had not formatted it since. After formatting the card (FAT16), it sleeps! Check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=208980 on how to format your card.

1 thought on “Ubuntu 9.04 NR Suspend/SD Card Problem on Dell Mini 9

  1. kaliwanagan

    Hi Aubrey, I just experienced the same thing with my Dell Mini 9. Your blog post showed up in my Google search, and I thought I would share my own experience.

    I think I was able to fix it by running e2fsck on the SD card. My hunch was (from viewing the system logs saying that the ext3 file system needs to be checked) that the suspend process was being stopped due to the system being unable to properly unmount the SD card.

    I would guess that formatting the SD card with FAT16 somehow solves the problem as well, since FAT16 does not do journalling.

    I hope this helps.


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