Trying out Shortmail: What happens when I send a message longer than 500 characters? Screenshot of Empty Inbox

I just signed up for, a service that enforces (as you will see) 500 character or less email messages. I had to have a twitter account to sign up. Right away I send myself a really long message!

Long Email I sent to my email

I was hoping, actually, that the message would get delivered. But, rather, it emailed my GMail account back and told me that the message was too long and that I had to edit it! Now, right away, I can’t imagine using this at work. This extra step would frustrate me, my mom, and probably many others. I think it would be easier to just allow the long email through and limit my messages to 500 words or less.

Shortmail Response to a large message

This message doesn’t seem too rude, but “Keep it under 500 characters this time, ok,” sounds a bit brat-ish to me.

The sender has to edit their message.

I didn’t even edit the message to finish delivering it.

2 thoughts on “Trying out Shortmail: What happens when I send a message longer than 500 characters?

  1. Matt Koll

    That’s a reasonable point of view. From another perspective, though, we’d like to protect shortmail users from being bombarded by long emails — not just prevented from sending them. BTW, the long messages sent to your shortmail account can be found in your /account/advanced area.

    Stay tuned. We’re looking at improved ways of handling long messages.

    1. aubrey Post author

      I like the idea too (of not being bombarded with long emails) but I’m not sure it’s very useful for the senders end (unless my email was I think forcing me, on the other hand, to do 500 words or less would help me. What about having anyone that emails you from would get the message, but others would not? Or, even, saying something like, “Your message was delivered, but Aubrey uses and future emails from you need to be 500 words or less. You can also email your long messages to him at ,” and log their email for future emails? Just some ideas, because not getting messages from people who aren’t aware just keeps me from using it.

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