The Future of Google+

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I’m gonna admit it, I want to be on Google Plus all the time! It’s not because I hate Facebook or anything, it’s just I’m so ingrained into Google’s integration that, hey, if they can integrate my online social life, then I’m totally for it!

Google Plus isn’t a bad attempt at a social network either. Many don’t see it, but I see it being a real part of all our daily lives. Now that they have integrated Local into Google Plus, I think Google is on there way to make the right kind of moves to making their social network a real place to socialize.

Other great moves Google+ is making:

  • Photos/Video auto-uploading to your Google+ account to share later
  • Integration with your contacts on your phone
  • Circles
  • Hangouts 

Hangouts is that dangerous thing that Facebook doesn’t have that makes me think, “What the hell Facebook, how can you ignore this?” Hangouts are great, my mom even did a hangout with me and my brother and said something like, “This is better than Skype.” Now, that’s huge! Dissing on Skype? That is a big deal if you ask me.

Google+ just also added Events, something I felt was one of those features a social network just couldn’t leave out. And, like I said, Google, I feel, is just making all the right moves.

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in Facbook…they are the original social network, and they are doing things right. But…this is how I see it: the social world would be much better if, no matter what platform you were on, Google could talk to Facebook and vice versa; some kind of open platform. But, I just like how Google is doing it. Circles, hangouts, and tight integration with devices is just not what Facebook is doing. Sure lists and chat are okay, but come on, compared to hangouts or circles!?

I mean, if Facebook would just catch up to the kinds of things Google is doing, hey I’d say Google is good, but hey Facebook is keeping up. But, this isn’t so much a review as a prediction….

With control and integration with Android, Circles, and Hangouts … just give it time. Google may be the new home for the next generation. And THAT is what Facebook needs to worry about!

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