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Hro is now on WordPress.org

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I’m pretty proud to announce that one of my own WordPress themes, Hro, is officially installable via Appearance > Install > Search in your own WordPress install!

I’ve been wanting to get one of my own WordPress themes on the official WordPress.org repo for over a year now, and Hro has made it so others can enjoy it too!

This edition Hro is going to be called Hro “Zp,” for ZenPress.

Hro is 13

Hro was a WordPress theme I created way back, and since I didn’t have much time to re-visit my old theme, I chose a few other ones along the way. But, I’ve had a chance to re-vamp my theme and I’ve given it a big update.

Some of these updates include:

  • Better mobile compatibility
  • Playful fonts
  • Monochrome color scheme
  • “Zen”-like
  • Designed for reading
  • Centered design
  • Cleanup

I plan on getting my theme up on the WordPress repository at some point, so expect some updates on that soon. For now, if you’d like to use this theme, go download a tag over at BitBucket! As of this post is the latest version pushed from me.

Orangein, personally modified version of Orgin by DevPress

So, I found Orgin, an awesome theme that I wanted to house my content. But, if course, and as always, I have started to make some modifications. So it’s here, check it out…

I will keep updates on this theme on the tag #orangein

[Orangein on Bitbucket]

*Note, this may mean that I will stop development on Hro…my last theme.