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Working with WordPress 3.2: Clutter free and high contrast help me focus; mono-spaced fonts too

WordPress 3.2 Editing a post

You know, I think I rather like working with the new WordPress 3.2 UI. I find it to be less cluttered, and the lack of color actually helps me focus on editing.

This version of WordPress is very WordPress 1-ish.

So far a few things that I have noticed about WordPress 3.2, that I like, is more space given to editing, the high-contrast and mono-spaced fonts (finally) in HTML view.

WordPress 3.2 uses Mono Spaced Fonts in HTML View

First Impressions, A Single Post in WordPress 3.2

I just posted a little bit about Mark Zuckerberg right after I updated WordPress to 3.2. At first, once I went to create a post, I was actually a little jarred, I have to admit. WordPress’s new font choice seems to be a little outdated to look at, I kind of wondered if something had gone wrong with my latest update (still wondering).

WordPress 3.2 using Arial as base font?

It looks as though WordPress has chosen to use Arial as their base font for most of the text. I’m not sure why, but for some reason this triggers 1990’s mode in my head when I see it. Arial is much easier to read, but it really feels out-dated. As for posting, I didn’t find it any different, still the same old kick ass WordPress!

WordPress 3.2 Buttons

There are some new graphics, a more steel kind of look given to the editing bar.

I’m not to fond for the rounded bevels and shadows on the left menu, and I found the previous versions “collapse menu” graphic to be much easier to use (compared to the new one).

The new look I’m not so mad-crazy for, but speed editing and clutter are among the top things I am going to keep a look-out for. That’s why I love that they finally made the site-title smaller!

WordPress 3.2 Smaller Site Title in Dashboard