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My New Kindle 3; Frustrations with file:// lock out.

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The other day I was blessed with a Kindle 3, the $114 one with ads (I don’t mind the ads). I was really excited to have it, as I do read a lot (on the web, and books) and I don’t particularly like using my laptop or phone. The e-Ink display is amazing and super easy to read.

Dive into HTML5 on Kindle3 over Wifi

Dive into HTML5 on Kindle3 over Wifi

But, the last few days have been especially frustrating; even to the point where I am considering returning it or re-selling it. Reading books (ebooks) is especially pleasant, better than I expected. Yet, the most exciting things about it is that it features a web browser (weirdly put in an “Experimental” section). The browser, though experimental, is awesome. I can check my Facebook, read email and websites on it with no problem. So, this lead me to believe that I could load local HTML files via file://. Nope. Then, of course, I started looking for ways to save websites (yes, whole websites) as .mobi files. Nope; not successfully anyways. There just wasn’t a way for me to mirror a website and store it on my Kindle 3 in anyway. This was pretty frustrating to me. It doesn’t have 3G and I don’t always want to be around a wifi network to read websites (which, it does very well). In this case I would just use my phone! I really wanted to keep offline copies of things on my kindle to read. I often archive websites (for personal use) to read later on my laptop when I don’t have access to wifi.

I still am playing with it; but that is the frustrating thing: I don’t want to play with it so much that I get tired of it. If I want to convert something, I don’t mind doing the work, but not too much work. And, so far, it is borderline becoming too much work. I am not sure if it is totally worth it just to read books on this device. I do read a good amount of books, but I just wanted it to do a little more once I found out it had a web browser. Now I feel as if my phone is more powerful as an offline reading device…

It just seems really silly that I can’t browse offline webpages on it using the browser. I know Amazon wants us to buy books, but don’t they want us to buy the device too? If this simply feature were enabled, coupled with the ebook awesomeness, Kindle would be the choice of many!

Just my thoughts so far.

Browser War Continues

So, the browser wars continue. I have talked about the ‘itch‘ before, and I got it today. But, rather than being about Ubuntu or OS’s, it was with my browsers. For the last few months, possibly since my last post, Firefox has held the crown. But, upon getting the itch, I started using Chrome again. I think it was because of my recent failure to get Firefox Mobile on my Android LG phone. Then, I loaded up IE9, which consequently crashed once I went to Hulu.

I also have Firefox 4 beta on my machine, which I have loaded from time to time, yet I have not used it due to lack of compatibility with some of my favorite addons. Addons were what won me over to Firefox before, especially Firebug. It still remains on my taskbar as a ‘development’ browser in my mind, currently. Firebug is just something Chrome users are burning for, I assume that because I am. I know, I know, there are developer tools in Chrome; but, they’re clunky and slow. I’ve been doing some comparing this morning, loading up the new Facebook infinite scrolling photos to see which browser would have the hardest time. IE9 won, Chrome and Firefox really had no difference, although I did notice Chrome had a hard time opening up a tab after all that, while Firefox did not.

It’s interesting the guilt I have for having Chrome on right now. I am an avid open source supporter, and even though Chrome is open, Firefox has been around for so long. I would hate to see Firefox die because of Chrome (think Netscape Navigator). But Firefox 4, it just seems too much. Firefox 3.6 is nice, and really competes with Chrome. But, Firefox 4 is just too clunky, even more clunky than IE9. I like the idea of organizing tabs, but sometimes too many options are just no options. I think Firefox should leave the advanced eye candy stuff to the addon people, where it belongs. Chrome, is simple, that’s really why I like it.

I think, if Chrome integrated Firebug as a developer tool, I would probably uninstall Firefox…