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I just posted a comment over on YouTube that I’m kind of excited about. Unfortunately, I can’t post a Vlog which would be most fitting for this. I’ve always wanted to get back into Vlogging (remember the Livevideo days?), but never really got back into it, but maybe I will! I also like Paul’s idea of an “index” (see this video), for Vloggers, which I know can totally be done with WordPress. I might have to write a new plugin that integrates with the YouTube API, and create a new theme geared to work like YouTube, but for Vloggers, but I think it could totally be done easily.

The big idea of this “index” is the ability for other Vloggers and Vlog-lovers to submit people that are Vloggers that other people wouldn’t otherwise know about.

If you’re here because you saw my comment, let’s talk (in the comments below). If you’re a developer, let’s also talk! I’d like to try and build a platform that basically allows:

  1. A way to add a Youtuber to the system because we think they are a Vlogger
    1. Some community-moderated (up-vote) process to approve them
  2. Automatically pull the content from YouTube into the “feed”
  3. Sync content (like comments, likes, etc) from YouTube into the “feed”
  4. Make it easy to subscribe to the “feed”
  5. Make an index of the people added to the “feed”
  6. Categorize people added to the “feed” (and their videos; family, comedy, etc)
  7. Way to filter out “non-vlogs” that are posted by that YouTube user (community driven)
  8. A process to allow a YouTuber to remove themselves, if they want
  9. Monazite it without being annoying

…a community driven index of Vloggers (and their content) for all Vlog Life lovers to enjoy!

If we can talk about this, the next step is to start a couple of development projects to build the plugin / theme to start this off. I can lead development, if I can get Vlogger feedback!