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Ubuntu 9.10 Dell Mini Suspend with SD Card

Ubuntu /usr/sbin/pm-suspend 9.10 SD Card umount

I always keep an SD memory card in my Dell Mini so that I can put whatever on it to save space on my solid-state. So, this morning, I have been installing Ubuntu 9.10 on my Dell Mini 9 and everything went better than ever, installation-wise. But, as soon as I closed the lid, the machine froze. Of course, like all Linux users, I pulled up Google for a fix, and found one:

Ubuntu 9.10 Get SD card path

Ubuntu 9.10 Get SD card path

I edited the /usr/sbin/pm-suspend script and before the script did anything, so right before the “# The rule here? Simplicity. I added,

umount /media/<SD Card Mount-point>

To find out the mount point (or path), just insert your SD card, find the pencil by the location bar in the file browser and copy the path it gives you.