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Here’s to you, Future!

So here’s a bit of a personal blog about the future…my future. I’m coming up on my last semester at NMSU. Through all the changing of my majors and all the time I’ve put into school, I’m approaching my future. The whole time (bringing up my major changing) I should have gone with what I was good at: the web. I probably would have spent less time in college if I just went with that; and now I am.

Looking ahead, I have a lot of “ideas” of what might happen when I graduate; and I hope, no pray, things don’t turn horrible on me once I get to “my future”. So far, the future has been looking a little scary. I’ve never really looked far ahead, and even now I wonder if I am looking to far into it. But, here are some of the things I have been thinking about lately.

Working for NMSU as a Web Designer

I’ve been working at NMSU as a Web Designer/Coder for a while and I’ve even come up with this rad project called Accolade. It’s sort of an end result to all the different work I’ve done at different departments across NMSU. Approaching my last semester, today specifically, I was thinking about what is to become of Accolade when I leave…if I leave. If things go well, and I can figure out how to do this, I wouldn’t mind just continuing the project and becoming a web designer for NMSU. I love the college life and atmosphere (my friends would joke around and say “obviously,” because of how long I’ve been here). But, I really do love the place. I love Las Cruces, and I totally wouldn’t mind starting off with a Web Designer job at NMSU. The trick is finding the job and hoping I turned a few heads.

All in all I will make sure Accolade will live on after I leave. In fact, I spent a good amount of time today making sure the site will maintain itself for a few more years. So, even if they don’t hire me, it’s not like I am going to just take it away from them. Throughout my time at NMSU I have met people who benefited well from the work I’ve done (work we really did together). They don’t give a hoot about HTML, PHP, Javascript, etc either. They just need something that makes editing websites easy for them. I want to make sure that whoever else is out there has something reasonable to work with, so I don’t have any plans on killing Accolade if I leave.

Working for a Start-up

This has been on my mind since I took a class in venture capitol for technology companies. I fell in love with the atmosphere of a start-up. I have no experience with a start-up, but from what I hear it seems like the kind of work I love to do. I was attracted to the risk, focus, determination, and turnaround times for the kind of work that start-ups do. Deep down I’m a quick and dirty designer who like to get projects out the next day, or stay up all night coding a slick new feature, and from what I can tell- that’s a start-up! I’ve been spending some time looking up the kinds of startup companies that might be cool to work for, and everytime I find a new one I get more excited about it.

But, it will take work I’m sure. I am not even sure how to approach this idea yet, but it is something I’m actively looking into!

Work for Facebook (or Google, or WordPress- or Mozilla) [in no particular order]

I know, I know. But, they are really awesome companies to work for, and there’s no way I am not going to try. The innovation and work-style these companies have are very (very) attractive to me. I love the web, and when it comes to the web these companies are all about it and that’s the kind of environment I would thrive on. I’m more than just a web designer, I’m also kind of a geek that cares about things like web standards and cool new web things. I can totally build your business’s website, no sweat. But, if I could work for a company that cares about how people actually use the web, that goes beyond just building a websites and involves you in something bigger.

I’m definitely going to include these far-fetched “dreams” in my peripheral view. I don’t expect anything, but I am totally going to try!

Start My Own Web Company/Consult

This is the most frightening and exciting idea of all. I’m sure it’s not going to be a one-time shot, given I do it, but I have always wanted to create a company. I have a nack for knowing what people need and using technology to facilitate that need. I also love just doing neat helpful things for people (like what Matt did with WordPress). That’s what a company, that I would want to run, would be all about. It’s always been in the back of my head, just sitting there needing an idea to go off of. Once in a while I have a friend or someone I’m working for mention it and it always sparks a bit of excitement.

This one, though, is sort of an “if it happens” or “if the opportunity finds itself” idea.


…and then, there’s reality (dun dun dun!!!).

I probably will be just applying for any job I can find and trying to find one that pays the bills. Since I will have no income once I graduate (given my previous ideas are likely not to just pounce out of thin air), I sense “reality” being a part of my overall strategy. This could take me anywhere. It could happen right away or it could take a while to find something. If I am headed this route, I hope I look back at today and praise it instead of curse it.