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Mark Zuckerberg’s Pissed off Photo on Google+; How to get to Mark Zuckerberg’s Google+ Profile

Mark Zuckerberg Pissed off Google+ Photo

Mark Zuckerberg Pissed off Google+ Photo

I haven’t been invited to try Google+, and really, I would rather wait and watch. But, today I noticed that Mark Zuckerberg is the #1 followed user on Google+ at the moment. And, he looks pissed!

I just keep thinking to myself what is going through Mark Zuckerberg’s mind right now. Of course, I am only assuming his profile photo is sending a clear message that he’s pretty upset about it. Maybe he was having a bad day at work…I just wonder why.

I am an avid Facebook user, I was on Facebook when it was in it’s hay-day and it was awesome! I also love Google for their products, but I am not sure who I would be loyal to. Who would you be loyal to?

I’m just saying…I’d be pissed too.

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Mark’s Profile & Other Facebook Employees

Browsing around Mark’s profile showed that many of Facebook’s employees are also on Google+. Although Mark’s profile lacks any posts, I’m not surprised, many of Facebook’s employees are already actively using it. I also noticed that many of Facebook’s employees are ex-Google people. Facebook is supposed to “launch something awesome” this week, and Facebook has also been blocking Google+’s friend importer.