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KomodoEdit/sftp/Places Error; Exception: request:refreshTreeOnOpen, Can’t Read Path

While using KomodoEdit I was running into a problem browsing SFTP/SCP locations in the Places sidebar. But, it wasn’t KomodoEdit’s fault; it was mine. Well…both actually. Apparently if you put /anything (a slash and anything) in the Name location (seen here as /~frontera), it will append the default path to it. So, as seen in the screenshot, the tree browser was looking for /~frontera/www2/users/frontera/file.ext. Once I removed the /~frontera from the Name field, it worked. It then looked for /www2/users/frontera/file.ext, which is the proper way.

Using VIM with NERDTree over FTP/SFTP using ExpanDrive in Windows 7

[iframe width=”100%” height=”380″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/nSeCRTj-KzA?hd=1″]

Note: ExpanDrive did not support regular FTP and was really slow saving/etc.

Now that I am using Vim, I noticed that I was having problems editing files over FTP/SFTP. I couldn’t use NERDTree and my other client, WinSCP, would open a new window (or tab) of gVim when I used an external editor. I wanted to browse an FTP/SFTP natively so that I could use NERDTree and edit as if I was editing locally.

The solution I found was using ExpanDrive, a program that mounts FTP/SFTP locally as a Windows drive. Once I mounted a drive, and chose a file to edit, I could use NERDTree to browse for more or use :vsp and drag a file on that split.

In the video I show it off a little.