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Aubrey’s gVim Tip: Understanding Visual Mode and Selecting Text

[iframe width=”100%” height=”349″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/7DkPKn5GQdI”]

In this screencast I explain what it means for Aubrey’s gVim users that Select Mode has been entirely disabled. Because it is disabled I have found that you have to be aware that you are in Visual Mode/Command Mode/Normal Mode when you select text, which means you cannot just start typing your replacement text, you must issue a command.

Setting up Ubuntu Server as a Virtual Machine (in Virtualbox) and using Subversion (svn) for the first time to checkout Google Code using shared folders

[iframe src=”http://blip.tv/play/h61qgsXLEQA.html” width=”100%” height=”378″]

In this screencast I explore using Subversion (svn) to checkout Google Code using Ubuntu Server in a virtual machine (using VirtualBox). The purpose of this screencast was two-fold.

  • First, I wanted to setup a Linux environment to use on Windows 7 for actual Linux stuff. As part of this I had to setup shared folders to the host operating system from the guest.
  • Second, I wanted to use Subversion (svn) to checkout some code (for the first time, for me).

So, in this screencast we will be:

  • Setting up a Virtual Machine and installing Ubuntu Server (10.10)
  • Setting up the required dependencies to install VirtualBox Guest Additions
  • Setting up VirtualBox Guest Additions and setting up and using shared folders on the host system
  • Installing and using Subversion (svn) to checkout some Google Code
  • Taking a snapshot in VirtualBox of our successful setup

This has been put in Code & Development because I will soon be using the virtual environment to run a local LAMP server (for a later screencast).