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It has no longer been 2 years since Easy Photo Album has been updated! 1.3.6 is out!

As a part of Five for the Future at WebDevStudios we get to work on Open Source WordPress projects every last Friday of the month all day, and as a result I was able to help the 7000+ Easy Photo Album get a working plugin.

Easy Photo Album is a plugin that I crossed while helping some users with this support request. I noticed that the plugin was old and hadn’t been updated in over 2 years! I tried to contact the owner for a few months, and finally we were able to work together to get the plugin updated at last!


1.3.6 features major updates to get the plugin working again:

  • Major fixes to missing minified files (previously fixed in 1.3.5 but came back) and WP Media
  • Simplified screen for creating Albums so Saving/Publishing is easier to understand
  • Fixes to TinyMCE button/modal when no albums were created
  • Can now organize Albums into categories called “Shelves,” props @kammak

Now on Github!

The plugins development is now on Github where other’s can contribute!

The Future

This plugin is used by a lot of people, so I would hope that I can help in contributing more! If you have any ideas or feedback, checkout the Support page on WordPress.org. This is why I love OSS!

Moving Forward

So, in my post about my future, I mentioned all the things I wanted to start moving forward with; and, it’s been happening. I’m not sure exactly how great I am doing at it, but it is a move, at least, in the right direction. I’ve been filing a few bugs (well, just one so far) and making a few suggestions for WordPress. I’ve been attending a lot of dev meetings over IRC on numerous projects I’m interested in. I’ve also started (and contributed to) a number of open-source projects, including one that is from scratch, so I can learn the process. I even got the okay to go forward with Accolade (a project I’ve been working on at NMSU).

I mean, it’s not a lot. I still have a lot to learn. But, I was just thinking that it is a move in the right direction at least.