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Finals, the end of a new beginning.

So, I thought I would take five minutes to update everyone on my first semester in the BIS program at NMSU. My classes were awesome, I really enjoyed my Mass Media Law class and my History of Mass Media class. They were really interesting and gave me a valuable resource when it comes to Mass Media and the Web. As for my Communication Technology class, it wasn’t the most fun, I’ll be honest, but it still was very informing. Coming from a communication background, versus a Creative Media background, everyone seems wired differently. There are lots of human-concept communication to consider before you consider how the user interface works. I learned that there is a science about how users use technology, and it’s a human psychology project, as opposed to just a usability project.

My English 315 class, which is secretly a web class, was a shot in the dark. There really wasn’t must to learn from the class, well not for me anyhow. We discussed a lot of things I already knew, but aside from that it was real fun to work with everyone, help people and just spend the class talking about the web in general. But, one success of the class was my new “professional website,” aubreyisland.info. I haven’t had a professional website set up in a few years, and I had some time to use this as a project in my English 315 class. It’s not quite what I expected, I was still quite jammed for time during the semester, but it will suffice perfectly until the next time I actually have time to work on a site.

So, I’m here frantically studying for my two finals today. I’m going over my Managing e-Commerce study guide again, to make sure I don’t forget anything. My Managing e-Commerce class was probably the most boring, but also the most practical application of everything I have learned over the years. It’s all about making money! In this class, money was at the center of every e-Business or website. Every week we would write a three page paper about the company and observe an in-depth presentation about the company, which included Google, WebVan, Swoopo, Lending Club, etc. It was a wakeup call that building websites isn’t just about fun, it’s also about making a living.

So, wish me luck! I am cramming at this point. My semester hasn’t ended yet. To have a successful semester, I really need to pass all of my classes! I have my Law class and my Management class finals today. Tomorrow, my History of Mass Media. Thursday, my Communication class final. Then, I’m done!

Thanksgiving Break, 2010; Enjifi

Well, I didn’t end up going camping like I had planned. But, it’s been alright, although I still wish I had more time to go camping. But, I will be heading up to Albuquerque tomorrow, so camping will just have to wait. But, I have been spending a lot of time at home on the computer. Contrary to the idea I had that break was going to get me off the computer, I’ve been on it re-organizing. At work/school, I just don’t have the time to do what I have been doing the last couple of days: re-arranging my music library, brainstorming, “un-scheduling” (which is scheduling things other than work or school), doing personal backups, filtering emails, etc. I’m afraid I am not going to get off this thing unless I force myself.

I also bought a Gamecube. I’m not one for gaming, but three or so years ago someone gave me a Gamecube and it had just one game, Monkey Ball. I don’t remember what happened to it, but Gamestop said they were selling them for $30, so I grabbed a console and Monkey Ball 2. And, I love that game! So, I guess I have been wasting some time too, which is a good thing on break.

Ashley is going up in a hot air balloon this weekend, so I will be there for that. I also had a two-page paper I might knock out tonight. But, overall, my break is probably going to end too soon. I wish professors really took time to think about how they are ruining student’s breaks with homework. But, this break, I don’t have too much to complain about, although in the past I have.

I’ve also had time to sit down and use this new whiteboard I installed in my office at home. I’ve been using to to re-think, really over-think, some of my projects. When I created this site, Enethrie, I created it so I could be a little more loose, a little more expressive. I have graduation coming up soon and employers are going to be Googling me like crazy. It’s not like I want to hide anything, but when they do Google me, I don’t want them bombarded by my usual random rand. And so, I’ve been re-thinking a lot of my projects, coming up with new names for them, and places for them. One of them will be Enjifi. On the web, I’m known for my freelance, which usually goes titled under my name. But, in order to keep my name clean from irrelevant blemishes, I’ve also re-named my freelancing venture to Enjifi.

Last Names

One last thing I’ve been trying to tackle this break is the final decision on my last name. On the web I’m known as Aubrey Island, a pen name that stuck with clients and friends. I have considered just changing my last name to Island, but my family name, King, has also been considered. When I graduate, I would like to have the name I decide on, on the diploma. Today, I am leaning a little more towards Aubrey King, but nothing is final.

Bachelors of Individualized Studies

I’m so surprised I haven’t blogged about this. But before the the Fall 2009 semester had ended, I started working on a new major. The major is a Bachelors of Individualized Studies from the College of Extended Learning here at New Mexico State University.

I had trouble deciding between two majors: Computer Science and Psychology. I know I have blogged about Psychology before, but I never really blogged about my interest. But, a Psychology degree would take a very long time, and upon coming to that, I changed my major to Computer Science. Computer Science isn’t necessarily my field, my field is the Web; mass-media. But, up until now it was the best and closest degree I could get. It also meant three more years in school. So, I was also open to an alternative.

I wish I could remember what made me do it, but I remember bringing up the web-page about a Bachelors of Individualized Studies. I remember also emailing an adviser and explaining my situation. Well, she called me back and said I would be a perfect candidate for the program. This program means I can get a degree in what I do: the web. Also, it is not just the web that I do, I also do the programming side, the writing side, the design side, and the server side. There are a lot of sides to  what I “do.”

The BIS program allows me to take classes in each “side” or field of the Web including law, programming, business, computer technology, computer science, english, communication and even psychology. I can get a degree that shows I have the capacity to work in all the areas associated with the web today.

I have been well into the beginnings of the new degree. I’m currently taking a mass-media law class, an english class (although it really isn’t an english class), a history of mass-media class, and a communications technology class. All of these classes deal closely with the web so far. Well, except for maybe the history class, but I am doing papers on the development of the Internet since the telegraph days.

The BIS program also offers me a reasonable amount of time to finish my degree, three semesters. That’s not bad considering the amount of time I would have to commit getting another traditional degree that did not teach or qualify me in all areas of what I do.

But, yeah, I guess that’s the news… I have tags in my WordPress dashboard that suggests I blogged about this earlier, but I am not going to hunt it down, so if I am just saying this all again, I apologize.


Accolade & Honors

No, no; I’m not graduating. And as far as I know, I won’t be graduating soon, or with honors. But, I am working for the Honors College at New Mexico State University! I started there this month, about a week ago. I got the word they were looking for a web designer and a “computer” person, so I applied.

But that’s not really what I’m excited about, although I have enjoyed working there so far :). The fun part of this job is going to be taking what I did for the College of Business and getting to re-vamp (I love that word) everything! When I began working for the College of Business I had plans to create a WordPress theme that would work great with WordPress, represent NMSU and it’s branding well, and serve to the college’s needs. Well, as time went on many of my plans to create such a theme were overthrown by the college’s desire to please administrative concerns (i.e. giving up common sense to eradicate administration’s fear of change) instead of concrete modern-day solutions. Multiply that with heavy time constraint and stressful deadlines and you have a site that isn’t quite how I pictured it. Though, it is pretty good :).

So, as I start to re-vamp the old College of Business WordPress theme into what I am code-naming (just to be as nerdy as possible) “Accolade,” I hope to better reflect my original vision. I also hope this will become a theme anyone within the entire university can use. WordPress is such a powerful content management system. Especially compared to some of the from-scratch stuff I’ve seen come out of the university.