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ItemPress is Here!

The last two nights I had one goal: make something that allows anyone to create and organize content the WordPress way, that doesn’t get in the way of posts or pages!

And so I’m proud to announce that a working version of ItemPress is now live on WordPress.org. ItemPress is all about doing all sorts of things. I personally plan to use ItemPress mostly for project management and note-taking, but ItemPress is designed to be about anything you want! It’s ambiguous by nature so you can define your content the way you want.

The power of taxonomy and terms is where ItemPress is the most powerful. I built ItemPress so that new ways to organize and filter your items is as easy as hooking into ItemPress the WordPress way!

I hope that ItemPress enables people to do more things (organized their way) with WordPress (the WordPress way) without bothering your already awesome blog posts or pages.

I’m also dogfooding the project by organizing it using ItemPress.

ItemPress on WordPress.org