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Hash 1.1: IRC/HipChat-like chat system built on PHP, jQuery, HTML, & CSS

First off, this is my first post about Hash, a “secret” chat project I’ve been working on to replace my personal IRC woes (mainly IRC logging). Don’t get me wrong, I love IRC, but I also love HipChat, but I hate that HipChat list closed….you get the point. Plus I needed something dead simple, no logins, no signups, just chat…

Hash is a simple IRC-like, HipChat-like (mainly in that it has persistent chat), (PHP, jQuery, HTML/CSS)-based chat system. So anyone can use a Hash install to use.

Screenshot showing Hash collecting nick and hash names

Here’s how it works. All you do is create a room (which I call a hash, because you hash things out), and pick a nick. No login. No password, in fact two people (at the moment) could use a single nick or login as many. Then, chat. Notifications let you know when something new is said. Chat history is persistent.

It’s developer friendly, which only really means it’s easy to create rooms, share them, and assign people nicks because the chat uses ?hash=&nick= to start the person loading the hash off with a hash and a nick. Easy for inviting clients into chat rooms by just giving them a link.

Hash 1.1 will continue to make small improvements to make Hash more useful. I have been using it, and it appears to be stable enough to use, again for private purposes. Not sure about public use yet, but I need it for a few new things, and so 1.1 will get those features.

You can try out Hash on my site where you can make a hash and start chatting away with someone else. I’d love to see people use it and give feedback.

Want to help? Check out Hash on Github. There are some issues that need some help.

Moving Forward

So, in my post about my future, I mentioned all the things I wanted to start moving forward with; and, it’s been happening. I’m not sure exactly how great I am doing at it, but it is a move, at least, in the right direction. I’ve been filing a few bugs (well, just one so far) and making a few suggestions for WordPress. I’ve been attending a lot of dev meetings over IRC on numerous projects I’m interested in. I’ve also started (and contributed to) a number of open-source projects, including one that is from scratch, so I can learn the process. I even got the okay to go forward with Accolade (a project I’ve been working on at NMSU).

I mean, it’s not a lot. I still have a lot to learn. But, I was just thinking that it is a move in the right direction at least.

Jelly Bean Dark theme for ChatZilla (jelly-bean-dark-theme-for-chatzilla)

This is a dark theme that you can use to make your ChatZilla IRC client look spiffy. All you need to do is just checkout the code (from Google Code) into your c:\Program Files\ChatZilla directory using hg (or, alternatively you can download and extract the code). Then in ChatZilla, edit your Global Settings -> Appearance -> Dark Motif and browse for your checked out code. Then View -> Color Scheme -> Dark to apply.

You can follow these same instructions (minus the downloading) to try it out first by putting (not browsing) http://jelly-bean-dark-theme-for-chatzilla.googlecode.com/hg/chatzilla.css in the dark motif section in your Global Settings.

[Jelly Bean Dark Theme for ChatZilla…] @Google Code