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New Job!

NM State UniversitySo, Monday was my official first day at HRS. I was hired for a (3rd) job at the Human Resources department at NMSU. I currently work 2 other jobs at the College of Business and Honors College doing a wide variety of web-work. The HR department took me on to develop their current HR website, in which I plan on using my experience and developments with the other colleges to benefit the project at HR.

It is kind of exciting. It feels good to have such a huge base of experience under my belt. I’ve learned so much from working at the other two colleges, that I can’t wait to see what it is I will learn working for the HR department. Here is a video of the before and after getting hired:

Right before the interview:

A day after the interview:

The new job also means I am working full (plus) time! Among other projects I have going on, this means I have a full summer ahead of me…