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Jelly Bean Dark theme for ChatZilla (jelly-bean-dark-theme-for-chatzilla)

This is a dark theme that you can use to make your ChatZilla IRC client look spiffy. All you need to do is just checkout the code (from Google Code) into your c:\Program Files\ChatZilla directory using hg (or, alternatively you can download and extract the code). Then in ChatZilla, edit your Global Settings -> Appearance -> Dark Motif and browse for your checked out code. Then View -> Color Scheme -> Dark to apply.

You can follow these same instructions (minus the downloading) to try it out first by putting (not browsing) http://jelly-bean-dark-theme-for-chatzilla.googlecode.com/hg/chatzilla.css in the dark motif section in your Global Settings.

[Jelly Bean Dark Theme for ChatZilla…] @Google Code

Aubrey’s gVim Tip: Understanding Visual Mode and Selecting Text

[iframe width=”100%” height=”349″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/7DkPKn5GQdI”]

In this screencast I explain what it means for Aubrey’s gVim users that Select Mode has been entirely disabled. Because it is disabled I have found that you have to be aware that you are in Visual Mode/Command Mode/Normal Mode when you select text, which means you cannot just start typing your replacement text, you must issue a command.