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Speed issues in Google Chrome on Ubuntu 12.04

I’m not sure if at this point I’ve shared that I’ve made a move to Ubuntu, and I’ll admit it’s been alright so far. But, I still keep running into grandma-can’t-fix-that issues. The one I had this week was video issies with the speed of YouTube videos hiking up to 3-4 times the normal speed. Super annoying!

But, I was able to find a fix, here’s what I did:

Note: I am still having problems with this from time to time. This helps, but still creeps up!

It turns out the Chrome uses a built-in Flash plugin and another one, the one you probably have installed in Ubuntu. So, what you have to do is disable the built-in plugin to get things to work right.

Just browse to chrome://plugins/ and click Details on the right. From there, you’ll see two Flash files being used. Disable the one that is /opt/google/chrome.

And then, when you’ve fixed it, test it out on one of my favorite videos!