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Browser War Continues

So, the browser wars continue. I have talked about the ‘itch‘ before, and I got it today. But, rather than being about Ubuntu or OS’s, it was with my browsers. For the last few months, possibly since my last post, Firefox has held the crown. But, upon getting the itch, I started using Chrome again. I think it was because of my recent failure to get Firefox Mobile on my Android LG phone. Then, I loaded up IE9, which consequently crashed once I went to Hulu.

I also have Firefox 4 beta on my machine, which I have loaded from time to time, yet I have not used it due to lack of compatibility with some of my favorite addons. Addons were what won me over to Firefox before, especially Firebug. It still remains on my taskbar as a ‘development’ browser in my mind, currently. Firebug is just something Chrome users are burning for, I assume that because I am. I know, I know, there are developer tools in Chrome; but, they’re clunky and slow. I’ve been doing some comparing this morning, loading up the new Facebook infinite scrolling photos to see which browser would have the hardest time. IE9 won, Chrome and Firefox really had no difference, although I did notice Chrome had a hard time opening up a tab after all that, while Firefox did not.

It’s interesting the guilt I have for having Chrome on right now. I am an avid open source supporter, and even though Chrome is open, Firefox has been around for so long. I would hate to see Firefox die because of Chrome (think Netscape Navigator). But Firefox 4, it just seems too much. Firefox 3.6 is nice, and really competes with Chrome. But, Firefox 4 is just too clunky, even more clunky than IE9. I like the idea of organizing tabs, but sometimes too many options are just no options. I think Firefox should leave the advanced eye candy stuff to the addon people, where it belongs. Chrome, is simple, that’s really why I like it.

I think, if Chrome integrated Firebug as a developer tool, I would probably uninstall Firefox…

Back to the Fox; Firefox vs Google Chrome

This morning I hit ‘Yes’ when Firefox asked me if I wanted to make it my default web browser. To tell the truth, I missed it, and Google Chrome just isn’t there yet. It’s fast, for sure.  But, it’s buggy. I wonder if anyone else has noticed it, but often my plugins crash, Chrome suddenly quits, and I swear I click close on accident and all my tabs are gone, just like that (annoying!).

Initially, I went to Chrome to try it out.  Just to really give it a shot, check it out. Being a web-developer of sorts, I think it’s important to really know your browsers. But, I have to admit, I had a bit of a bandwagon moment too. Seems everyone is using Chrome (including Dave Shea, which really got me thinking about the quality of the browser), and I thought it at least deserved a fair chance on my computer. Its speed was what really put me over to give it a try and I’ve been using it for about four months or so. Oh, and the syncing features were also handy- but I will be trying Mozilla Sync until Firefox 4 comes out (just installed).

I just (just now) re-sized the image in this post, something Chrome would not let me do. I think Chrome has a lot of big things going for it, but a lot of small things it doesn’t (such as resizing that image). Firefox just seems to have the history required to have all those fine-details polished over. Using developer tools in Google Chrome is both a powerful thing and a nightmare. It takes forever to load, the user interface is clunky and slow. One of the main reasons I even installed Firefox this morning was because, constantly, Google Chrome’s developer tools (webkit) crash and I’m left with a blank area where it used to be. I have to shut down the whole window and start all over. Firebug is just way more comfortable, fast, and high-end if you ask me.

So, I will be using Firefox again- and, of course, I will share my experience (and, maybe, what I miss about Chrome). I think giving all these browsers (not sure if I will ever give IE or Opera their deserved time, but who knows) really helps give you a real impression of what you want.

Webkit, Chrome, Gecko, Oh My!

Screenshot of Google Chrome and Google Gears

Screenshot of Google Chrome and Google Gears

Right now I am in Google Chrome (for Linux, on Ubuntu 9.10) and it runs so much faster. It is incredible the kind of heavy “aura” Firefox creates vs. practically any browser that runs Webkit (even Epiphany). I like fast, light, simple browsers that are concerned with making the web “just work.” Chrome does this in a variety of ways, and for those who use it, they know what I am talking about.

Lately, I have been griping about offline access to information and offline apps and pages. I’ve been looking more into HTML5, and it looks like that is where they are headed (those people are so dang smart). But, as of now, on Linux, in a Webkit browser (Chrome), I can’t use [say] Google Calendar offline. I can use when online, and it runs like a dream. But, I can’t really run it offline. Firefox is so slow and clunky, not to mention a resource hog, that just watching a movie or loading up Gmail or Google Calendar takes a while. (Don’t worry, I’m still happy the 56k days are behind us.)

But, for now I have made Chrome my default browser and will use Firefox to load up Google Calendar and the like (using Gears) when I am offline. But, I thought I would just talk a little bit about how immensely comforting it is to be in a Webkit browser! I’m not sure if there is really anything wrong with this – I mean, thanks Firefox for still being there for me when it comes to features and plugins.

Sometimes I wish Firefox would just move to Webkit. (Although, I do realize what a pain that would be.)