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Back to the Fox; Firefox vs Google Chrome

This morning I hit ‘Yes’ when Firefox asked me if I wanted to make it my default web browser. To tell the truth, I missed it, and Google Chrome just isn’t there yet. It’s fast, for sure.  But, it’s buggy. I wonder if anyone else has noticed it, but often my plugins crash, Chrome suddenly quits, and I swear I click close on accident and all my tabs are gone, just like that (annoying!).

Initially, I went to Chrome to try it out.  Just to really give it a shot, check it out. Being a web-developer of sorts, I think it’s important to really know your browsers. But, I have to admit, I had a bit of a bandwagon moment too. Seems everyone is using Chrome (including Dave Shea, which really got me thinking about the quality of the browser), and I thought it at least deserved a fair chance on my computer. Its speed was what really put me over to give it a try and I’ve been using it for about four months or so. Oh, and the syncing features were also handy- but I will be trying Mozilla Sync until Firefox 4 comes out (just installed).

I just (just now) re-sized the image in this post, something Chrome would not let me do. I think Chrome has a lot of big things going for it, but a lot of small things it doesn’t (such as resizing that image). Firefox just seems to have the history required to have all those fine-details polished over. Using developer tools in Google Chrome is both a powerful thing and a nightmare. It takes forever to load, the user interface is clunky and slow. One of the main reasons I even installed Firefox this morning was because, constantly, Google Chrome’s developer tools (webkit) crash and I’m left with a blank area where it used to be. I have to shut down the whole window and start all over. Firebug is just way more comfortable, fast, and high-end if you ask me.

So, I will be using Firefox again- and, of course, I will share my experience (and, maybe, what I miss about Chrome). I think giving all these browsers (not sure if I will ever give IE or Opera their deserved time, but who knows) really helps give you a real impression of what you want.