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Use GQueues to curb Information Guilt (Alternatives to Evernote, Instapaper & Remember anything!)

GQueues Task Manager; Information Guilt

So, as I have mentioned before, GQueues is one of my favorite online tools for remembering things, tasks, and lists. Though it is task manager, it is it’s power with lists (queues) and remembering things that makes it really powerful for me. Though I do use Gqueues to complete many tasks a day, and organize them, I also use it to curb information guilt.

Information guilt is that feeling you have when you’re at work, you have about twenty tasks to get done, and you just found out Facebook is announcing video chat. So, we choose not to watch it, and continue to not to consume all the cool and informative things we find throughout the day. Information guilt personally affects my focus and, given enough of it, makes the day a lot longer. But, since I started using Gqueues as a way to remembering these things, I’ve been more productive and I haven’t been forgetting those cool or important things I find on the web throughout my day or week.

As you can see, I have an Information Guilt queue (list). I use Google Chrome, so I installed an extension that allows me to add items to my Information Guilt queue. I select “From Web Page” and click “Create Tasks” and Facebook’s Video Chat announcement is safely saved away so I can watch it later. Now I can focus on my work knowing I can read/watch it later!


It even works on my Android Phone! They have a mobile version of their website which, even when offline, allows you to add items to your queues/lists. This works great on the run!


If you’re like me, and schedule everything, make sure and schedule time to get your information guilt fix. Typically I allot some time in the evening to consume my daily collected guilt. If you don’t plan time, and your information guilt queue gets too full, it could turn around and be as troublesome and turn into information guilt itself. This doesn’t work unless you actually plan time to check out what you’ve saved. If items in your queue are a week or two old, delete them! You won’t watch them…I never did.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Pissed off Photo on Google+; How to get to Mark Zuckerberg’s Google+ Profile

Mark Zuckerberg Pissed off Google+ Photo

Mark Zuckerberg Pissed off Google+ Photo

I haven’t been invited to try Google+, and really, I would rather wait and watch. But, today I noticed that Mark Zuckerberg is the #1 followed user on Google+ at the moment. And, he looks pissed!

I just keep thinking to myself what is going through Mark Zuckerberg’s mind right now. Of course, I am only assuming his profile photo is sending a clear message that he’s pretty upset about it. Maybe he was having a bad day at work…I just wonder why.

I am an avid Facebook user, I was on Facebook when it was in it’s hay-day and it was awesome! I also love Google for their products, but I am not sure who I would be loyal to. Who would you be loyal to?

I’m just saying…I’d be pissed too.

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Mark’s Profile & Other Facebook Employees

Browsing around Mark’s profile showed that many of Facebook’s employees are also on Google+. Although Mark’s profile lacks any posts, I’m not surprised, many of Facebook’s employees are already actively using it. I also noticed that many of Facebook’s employees are ex-Google people. Facebook is supposed to “launch something awesome” this week, and Facebook has also been blocking Google+’s friend importer.

Hackers Anthem

If you’re hacker you will understand these (without clicking on links!). I call it the Hackers Anthem, and I wrote it today just thinking about what it means to be a ‘hacker’ nower-days. I want to start a project and GPL this and allow others to add to it.

  • I can make money by using tubes that get hit on all day.
  • I blog that Haiti and mail is not hexed and mail, and that si` es yes is not in Spanish, but in English.
  • Many will benefit once they reddit.
  • I build stand hard tables, and it’s helped me to spread my handle throughout the Twitterverse.
  • I live out of backpacks and drink java and my office is always open.
  • I only get charged low payments, under two dollars, to work at Pikes Peak!
  • I press word with.each(key).chain.
  • I know the only function(‘of a function(is to be a function(){for (i<3; to style selectors on a dark canvas && a bespin theme; plus plus) I know Code is Poetry;})’){that returns nothing sometimes.}
  • I’ll Google php.net all day determined to make my F5 fade away, because that’s the life (of a) hacker.
  • Let me take command and I’ll have a shell of a good time!
  • I’ll samba and share the good vi -b before I | exit.
  • I make cookies that taste like wowsers, that I virtually tested until I’m, finally refreshed.
  • I’ll do 6-8 which are not that great. But, I’ll do 9, but not 10, and never have to do it again.
  • I’ll get a little foxy and shine my chrome while I’m on Safari.
  • You are in hell when you try and navigate for seven points though.
  • I’ll get people who hate this.style love this.style.
  • I have faced the books have a pro for a while.
  • In word, hackers unyte when I hit enter there, but I’m never 🙂 when I copy from there.

Facebook for Android & @facebook.com

Facebook.com vs. Android; @facebook.com

Yesterday, finally, I got the new Facebook messaging. It includes my own @facebook.com email address and I was pretty excited about this for a few reasons:

  • GMail is slow and clunky to use,
  • the conversation view,
  • more personal (not just an email address),
  • and I can do everything ‘communication’ on Facebook.

I’ve only been using the new system for a couple days and have already found one very interesting thing. I emailed someone an attachment and it automatically found her on Facebook, got her real name, and a gave me a link to her profile if I want to add her as a friend. This is way more social than typical email. I really liked this, so much that I decided to forward my personal emails to my new @facebook.com email just to try it out.

Messaging on the new Facebook messaging is pretty simple, just text and attachments (something I really like). I hate getting formatted emails, etc. I just want plain text or an attached video or audio. The simpler and more standard, the better! I also like the conversation view. GMail tries to do this via the subject, but typically I am talking to people about the subject, not the other way around.

But, that being said, support for the messaging system is absent on my phone (where I do most of my communicating). The Facebook app simply does not pull in anything via email (see screenshot). Facebook touch does, but I tried to send a message this morning and I couldn’t; not to mention I couldn’t attach a file. I hope Facebook will update their mobile platforms to support the new messaging system.

All in all I will keep playing around with the idea of using my @facebook.com email for communicating. I think email is going to change. It is becoming more personal and less service oriented. I keep thinking about all those ‘notification’ type emails I get, and how I can’t wait to get rid of them!

Getting Things Done, An Experience & Tips

Hanging out around the office (or, home office) can be either productive or very distracting. These are some of the things I’ve used to get things done around the “office.”

Use a task list, I mean really use one!

Using Gqueues

Using Gqueues

A task list has helped me more than ever when it comes to GTD (getting things done). It’s not just about “having” a task list either. Really, it’s about using one well!

Planning tasks ahead of time.

This is the most important rule for using task lists. Do not, and I repeat, do not add an item to your “to-do” list without giving it a prospective date. These items are as good and never done, ever; forever. This allows me to see overdue “things” I expected to get done at such a time. Then, I constantly reschedule them, which reminds me, bugs me and eventually leads to getting it done.

Do it Later

Yeah, most of us do not get things done because we remember a thing we need to do later, and do it immediately. This causes countless hours of work that should have been done on time to get pushed back. Pushing back work leads to stress, stress leads to a lack of interest, a lack of interest leads to another school major change. Save yourself the trouble, just click the quick add and worry about it later.

Don’t check things off!

Using a task list seems simple, right? Find a task, read it, do it, check it off. Uh, nope! That’s not quite the zen way to do it. I have a better, more efficient idea: don’t check off your tasks until the end of the day. Go ahead, load up that task list and just start “doing” and don’t check off a thing. At the end of the day, go through it and start removing items. I promise, it’s rewarding and it keeps you from thinking you’ve “done a lot” just because you’ve checked off two items.

Checking things off one-at-a-time leads to rewarding yourself with countless YouTube hours because you “feel” you’ve done a lot. But really, you haven’t done much at all. Finish the day off by clearing off a ton of items from your to-do, it’s the thing to do.

If you want to get things done using a task list, the sure-fire way to go is Gqueues. Not a plug, I seriously use this to my ultimate benefit.

Start working as fast as possible!

Don’t check your e-mail, don’t check Facebook, don’t even go visit your colleague to “discuss” something. You have your coffee, start working! Every time I fail to do this, it ends up being a distracting day full of not getting things done-ness. I know if feels messy, but that’s just your brain trying to trick you into doing nothing.

I have found that if I start doing that “boring coding” right away, I can spend an hour getting some work done. That way I get into a rhythm, I get a sense of what I need to do, and get excited about finishing something. That’s the way to start a day.

Then, check your e-mail.

Take short breaks, lots of them!

We all know the reason we love to <code> is because, before we know it, five hours have passed. If it’s what you love to do, time will fly. Then, you end up taking that long hour break that you feel you deserve. You grab a coke, watch some YouTube, check e-mail, and Facebook it up. But, the thing is, you’ll get stuck! You’ll end up arriving in the same situation you did when you got there that morning. You forgot what you needed to get done and you lost the desire to finish anything.

Lunch, away from the computer.

Lunch, away from the computer.

Take lots of short 2 minute breaks. Take a walk outside or use the time to do a video blog! Heck, even check your Facebook- but keep them short and often! Find things to do during your breaks, because you need to take them, lots of them.

Take a lunch away from the computer.

Yep, go a head take that lunch break- you have to eat don’t you? It’s the only 30 minute plus break you should get all day! I used to bring a lunch with me and YouTube it up for my hour long break distracting myself with Internet nonsense. We know why this is a bad idea already, so what I’ve done is used my lunch as an opportunity to get unacquainted with my computer and have lunch with a friend instead. When I get back to work, I miss my computer, and I feel refreshed and ready for the other half of my day.

Failure to take this break in front of your computer will result in unwanted slavery to sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia. Guaranteed!

Track yourself.

Toggl Pie

Toggl Pie

Another tactic I’ve been using to GMTD (get more things done) is I’ve been tracking my time. Every second, even that break, and even that lunch. I use Toggl to track every second I make a change of direction. I had originally decided to track myself to help estimate how long it takes me to do a certain task or complete a project. A side-effect that I have noticed, is when I bring up that fancy report of the time I’ve been using, I feel a little guilty that the piece of pie dedicated to 60% of my time is dedicated to wasting it.

When you have bills to pay, or the cash flow is low, now you can look the guilt right in the face! I’ve even become competitive of sorts, trying to get one pie to eat the other that eats dollars.