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Looking for insight to How Facebook Codes?


I have been interested in how Facebook codes, does pushes, what version control/repositories they use, branches, etc. I found this video and it’s super interesting. Just thought I would put it out there for everyone.

The Future of Google+

Google Plus Icon

I’m gonna admit it, I want to be on Google Plus all the time! It’s not because I hate Facebook or anything, it’s just I’m so ingrained into Google’s integration that, hey, if they can integrate my online social life, then I’m totally for it!

Google Plus isn’t a bad attempt at a social network either. Many don’t see it, but I see it being a real part of all our daily lives. Now that they have integrated Local into Google Plus, I think Google is on there way to make the right kind of moves to making their social network a real place to socialize.

Other great moves Google+ is making:

  • Photos/Video auto-uploading to your Google+ account to share later
  • Integration with your contacts on your phone
  • Circles
  • Hangouts 

Hangouts is that dangerous thing that Facebook doesn’t have that makes me think, “What the hell Facebook, how can you ignore this?” Hangouts are great, my mom even did a hangout with me and my brother and said something like, “This is better than Skype.” Now, that’s huge! Dissing on Skype? That is a big deal if you ask me.

Google+ just also added Events, something I felt was one of those features a social network just couldn’t leave out. And, like I said, Google, I feel, is just making all the right moves.

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in Facbook…they are the original social network, and they are doing things right. But…this is how I see it: the social world would be much better if, no matter what platform you were on, Google could talk to Facebook and vice versa; some kind of open platform. But, I just like how Google is doing it. Circles, hangouts, and tight integration with devices is just not what Facebook is doing. Sure lists and chat are okay, but come on, compared to hangouts or circles!?

I mean, if Facebook would just catch up to the kinds of things Google is doing, hey I’d say Google is good, but hey Facebook is keeping up. But, this isn’t so much a review as a prediction….

With control and integration with Android, Circles, and Hangouts … just give it time. Google may be the new home for the next generation. And THAT is what Facebook needs to worry about!

Why Google+ won’t pan out and replace (or beat) Facebook; Google+ vs. Facebook: Facebook will win

Okay, now this is just my opinion- just my prediction, I could totally be wrong about this one. I haven’t even got an invite yet to try it out, I just keep reading about it and people keep bringing it up. Now, there is some reasoning to why I think Google+ won’t pan out and replace Facebook:

  • People are lazy
  • Facebook can do it
  • People have short attention spans
  • People don’t like too many things
  • People just want to make money
  • People don’t want to desert their friends

Now, first, people are lazy. That’s right. Sure, I might “migrate” all my Facebook stuff over to Google+ because I’m an impulsive nerd who would do that kind of thing, but most people are lazy. They have already established their identity on Facebook and it’s just a matter of time before Facebook will do it too. This is how I see it happening. People will use Google+ for that one really cool feature they actually liked (we all know that is Hangouts). They’ll use it for special situations too, like certain groups or get-together’s, but mostly five people will hangout in a Hangout once, just to play with it. Then, Facebook will come up with something similar, and they’ll stop using it and forget about their Google+ page; people have really short attention spans.

Yeah, sure, some people are going to use it. It really has to be a cool thing if people are really talking about it. But, for the most part, it’s just another Facebook page to everyone else…and I’ve already got one. I’m not putting Google+ down, it might be awesome, but I’m already doing that somewhere else- only impulsive nerds are going to hyper-manage their profiles, for the rest of the world, people don’t like too many things, meaning too many profiles. You see, I use Twitter because it is not a profile service, it’s just status updates, so it works. For my chatting, personal messaging, and photos, I use Facebook. Google+ is trying to be Facebook. Not the company, but another Facebook page, and I don’t need one.

Now, Google+ is going to have a honeymoon period, because of the geeks and the fact that people just want to make money. It’s another avenue to market, so of course people are adding +1’s and Google+ accounts, but it’s just marketing!

I’m not trying to put down Google+. I haven’t even tried it and I already know that I am going to think it is awesome, but among these facts is one simple thing that Google+ is going to have a hard time with: people don’t want to desert their friends. Yeah, how the hell am I going to get all my friends over to Google+? I just convinced my friend Crystal to get one! I set up my mom’s Facebook page! This problem is going to plague Google+ as long as Facebook doesn’t start sucking (remember MySpace?). As long as Facebook keeps being awesome, my friends are not going to want to switch. Google should be praying that Facebook screws up…big time. But, Facebook, knowing Google+ is around, may just watch their steps from now on and be good boys and girls.

This is just my opinion. I’m really thinking about the people that use this stuff and I just don’t see it going very far. But, maybe they don’t care… I just have been telling this to my friends when they bring it up, and on most things they agree with me, so I thought I’d share. What do you think?

Mark Zuckerberg No Longer Pissed!

Mark Zuckerberg No Longer Pissed Photo from Google+ (Plus)

That’s right, Mark is no longer pissed; or, what I assumed looked like pissed over Google+. At least that’s what his new profile picture on Google+ says to me. But, I still can’t keep wondering what Mark is thinking. To me, Mark is still a rebel college student hacker, and that’s cool- so I’m not convinced by his new found Google+ image.

I haven’t even been able to check out Google+ and already I’m worried about how it is going to affect my online-social life. I live in a place where people are mostly going to stick with Facebook, but I think Google is only opening up another door for Mark to walk through. Yeah, Google may have some cool stuff, but people love Facebook! It’s only a matter of time before Facebook punches back, and I won’t be surprised to see Facebook as the winner. But, it’s different to see someone actually competing with Facebook, we all should have seen this coming- and only a giant like Google could do it!

But, Mark looks a little happier…and I think I know why…