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R.I.P. Enjifi?

It’s been, what, less than a month since I launched Enjfi. It was really more of an experiment that didn’t really yield what I had expected. The idea was to move all my “hacks, tips, and tricks” to a separate ad-supported site. But, I haven’t really pulled out any real income from it. Part of it is it’s lack of activity. I am really busy with other things, and haven’t really been super-active with the site. Yeah, I hack things, but the hacks are far and few between; sometimes there is a week full of hacks, then there are a few quite weeks.

But, I’m not trying to get let down by Enjifi. It’s still a good idea, but I think I need to re-think it a bit. So, I may be moving the posts from Enjifi back to my site here (unless I find I should keep going with Enjifi).

I actually made some money from it, but the only time I had really made any money was when I talked about some gossip-y stuff from the web (like Mark Zuckerbergs “pissed” photo on Google+). I had thought twice about posting a post like that, because I didn’t want the site to be about that kind of thing. But, I gave it a shot and I quadrupled my hits! I thought about trying it again, but, it just isn’t in my to make Enjifi a drama-blog. But, that success, didn’t even bring much in…

Again, Enifi was really an experiment. And, I admit, I was a little too optimistic about it, I guess. Plus, it’s hard to keep active with jobs and school. But, it was a good run I guess. I am still going to keep the projects (like my gVim, etc). But, it may just end up here on racqnhack! I think Enjifi may be something for later. I still want to hack things and share it with people- that’s definitely a passion for me. But, we may just keep it all here for now…

Future content on Enjifi

Today I sat down and thought about some of the new content I am going to introduce to Enjifi, and I have a few ideas:

  • HTML5
  • I’ve been thinking about bringing in guest authors and interviews.
  • I may include summary videos for posts that have a large amount of content.
  • e-books
  • Paid access
  • And, a special surprise


Lately I have been researching and basically consuming knowledge on HTML5. Soon I hope to publish some posts on my process, the content I am focusing on, and the changes that might come because of it.

Future Paid Access

Don’t worry, I am not going to charge you…well actually I am- but only on really really old content. After a while posts start getting old, but they are still relevant for some people, although they’re outdated to me. Like, fixes and hacks to old software nobody uses anymore. The idea is that, on old posts, I may charge for access to that very old clunky post, like 1 cent. Or, I may give you access to it 3 times, then charge you for accessing it again, like 1 cent.


Obviously a lot of information from this website can be picked out and plunged into an e-book. I do plan on charging for some e-books, but only, say a dollar. I am considering myself as a base, and once an e-book hits $8 I start getting really dis-interested.

Special Surprise

Well, you’ll just have to wait for that one… Hint: Chrome