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Cmd-Z, New Mexico Studio of Design

So, I just got out of my first (really, my second) class for the Fall 2010 semester. The class presents a unique opportunity for me to gain some practical experience outside of the classroom. Cmd-Z is a design studio ran out of the art department at NMSU. They offer non-for-profits an opportunity to get good design, for pretty much nothing.

One of my main goals for this semester, and the next, has been to complete a portfolio I can use in the “real world.” So, since I am majoring in Individualized Studies, I have been looking for classes that will help me build that while I study. I’m not too keen to doing separate projects, so this one is nice because I don’t have to go to a class and work with a client. They will be one and the same.

The class, though, is quite geared on creating print-based and graphic-based products.I was a little worried that they may not need a “web-guy,”  but to my surprise, it may look good. You see, the class comes with a theme, and the theme is green; sustainable, energy efficient, etc. Upon what felt like an interview one-on-one with the professor, he wanted me to look up some green options that are available for web based media. The idea, if you haven’t already bought on, is to create green-awareness products using green-aware media.

So, this weekend, I already have homework. I hope I can find some ideas on how to utilize the green buzzword on the web. If I can manage to find something worth-while, I basically get to stay in the class.