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Why I switched back to Mailbox from Mail.app

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 11.28.31 AM

Yesterday I re-installed Mailbox after about a 3 week hiatus in which I went back to old-school Mail.app.

First, Mail.app is a great mail program, don’t get me wrong. The reason I went back to it was it’s “just works” thing it does where emails load correctly, contacts work together right, etc. But, after just a few weeks of using it I really felt like my email was getting out of control again. I got a little spoiled by Mailbox, really my email was “back to normal.” Hundreds of emails were in my Inbox, some to be buried forever as I was not going to scroll down through each one and….no, not going to do that.

Mailbox, however, with it’s deal with email later philosophy really helps me be in control of consuming my email. The problem with Mail.app is that when I get an email I don’t have time to consume it right then. I’m an extremely focused individual, I do not need to be carried off into email when I’m trying to do something else. The real kicker feature of Mailbox is the ability to delay an email until another time when you are most likely to be able to consume it.

So, after really getting a chance to compare a traditional email application to Mailbox, there is real value in being able to delay the consumption of email in order to remain in control of it. I’m much happier with Mailbox, even given it’s youth and lack of maturity in composing emails.

Checkout http://www.tabsnooze.com/ which let’s you delay content you open in tabs until another time….it’s great, does the same thing.


Trying out Shortmail: What happens when I send a message longer than 500 characters?

Shortmail.com Screenshot of Empty Inbox

I just signed up for ShortMail.com, a service that enforces (as you will see) 500 character or less email messages. I had to have a twitter account to sign up. Right away I send myself a really long message!

Long Email I sent to my Shortmail.com email

I was hoping, actually, that the message would get delivered. But, rather, it emailed my GMail account back and told me that the message was too long and that I had to edit it! Now, right away, I can’t imagine using this at work. This extra step would frustrate me, my mom, and probably many others. I think it would be easier to just allow the long email through and limit my messages to 500 words or less.

Shortmail Response to a large message

This message doesn’t seem too rude, but “Keep it under 500 characters this time, ok,” sounds a bit brat-ish to me.

The sender has to edit their message.

I didn’t even edit the message to finish delivering it.

Facebook for Android & @facebook.com

Facebook.com vs. Android; @facebook.com

Yesterday, finally, I got the new Facebook messaging. It includes my own @facebook.com email address and I was pretty excited about this for a few reasons:

  • GMail is slow and clunky to use,
  • the conversation view,
  • more personal (not just an email address),
  • and I can do everything ‘communication’ on Facebook.

I’ve only been using the new system for a couple days and have already found one very interesting thing. I emailed someone an attachment and it automatically found her on Facebook, got her real name, and a gave me a link to her profile if I want to add her as a friend. This is way more social than typical email. I really liked this, so much that I decided to forward my personal emails to my new @facebook.com email just to try it out.

Messaging on the new Facebook messaging is pretty simple, just text and attachments (something I really like). I hate getting formatted emails, etc. I just want plain text or an attached video or audio. The simpler and more standard, the better! I also like the conversation view. GMail tries to do this via the subject, but typically I am talking to people about the subject, not the other way around.

But, that being said, support for the messaging system is absent on my phone (where I do most of my communicating). The Facebook app simply does not pull in anything via email (see screenshot). Facebook touch does, but I tried to send a message this morning and I couldn’t; not to mention I couldn’t attach a file. I hope Facebook will update their mobile platforms to support the new messaging system.

All in all I will keep playing around with the idea of using my @facebook.com email for communicating. I think email is going to change. It is becoming more personal and less service oriented. I keep thinking about all those ‘notification’ type emails I get, and how I can’t wait to get rid of them!