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Finals, the end of a new beginning.

So, I thought I would take five minutes to update everyone on my first semester in the BIS program at NMSU. My classes were awesome, I really enjoyed my Mass Media Law class and my History of Mass Media class. They were really interesting and gave me a valuable resource when it comes to Mass Media and the Web. As for my Communication Technology class, it wasn’t the most fun, I’ll be honest, but it still was very informing. Coming from a communication background, versus a Creative Media background, everyone seems wired differently. There are lots of human-concept communication to consider before you consider how the user interface works. I learned that there is a science about how users use technology, and it’s a human psychology project, as opposed to just a usability project.

My English 315 class, which is secretly a web class, was a shot in the dark. There really wasn’t must to learn from the class, well not for me anyhow. We discussed a lot of things I already knew, but aside from that it was real fun to work with everyone, help people and just spend the class talking about the web in general. But, one success of the class was my new “professional website,” aubreyisland.info. I haven’t had a professional website set up in a few years, and I had some time to use this as a project in my English 315 class. It’s not quite what I expected, I was still quite jammed for time during the semester, but it will suffice perfectly until the next time I actually have time to work on a site.

So, I’m here frantically studying for my two finals today. I’m going over my Managing e-Commerce study guide again, to make sure I don’t forget anything. My Managing e-Commerce class was probably the most boring, but also the most practical application of everything I have learned over the years. It’s all about making money! In this class, money was at the center of every e-Business or website. Every week we would write a three page paper about the company and observe an in-depth presentation about the company, which included Google, WebVan, Swoopo, Lending Club, etc. It was a wakeup call that building websites isn’t just about fun, it’s also about making a living.

So, wish me luck! I am cramming at this point. My semester hasn’t ended yet. To have a successful semester, I really need to pass all of my classes! I have my Law class and my Management class finals today. Tomorrow, my History of Mass Media. Thursday, my Communication class final. Then, I’m done!

Solving a service problem w/out numbers.

I thought this was a good example of not only solving service problems, but just learning how to help everyday: one person at a time. It matters, and sometimes it’s the only way we can help. I have been tempted to use the excuse of “how can I help them all.” But, it matters even if we can help just one person at a time, right?