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ItemPress is Here!

The last two nights I had one goal: make something that allows anyone to create and organize content the WordPress way, that doesn’t get in the way of posts or pages!

And so I’m proud to announce that a working version of ItemPress is now live on WordPress.org. ItemPress is all about doing all sorts of things. I personally plan to use ItemPress mostly for project management and note-taking, but ItemPress is designed to be about anything you want! It’s ambiguous by nature so you can define your content the way you want.

The power of taxonomy and terms is where ItemPress is the most powerful. I built ItemPress so that new ways to organize and filter your items is as easy as hooking into ItemPress the WordPress way!

I hope that ItemPress enables people to do more things (organized their way) with WordPress (the WordPress way) without bothering your already awesome blog posts or pages.

I’m also dogfooding the project by organizing it using ItemPress.

ItemPress on WordPress.org

Remove Protected from WordPress Posts and Titles via a WordPress Plugin

There are already a lot of posts out there about how to code this in. But, for those of you who like to just Search, Install, and Activate, you can use a plugin I just submitted called Remove Protected.

It will remove “Protected” from the usual “Protected: Post Title” when a post or page is password protected.

Remove Protected on WordPress.org

Hro is now on WordPress.org

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.36.24 PM

I’m pretty proud to announce that one of my own WordPress themes, Hro, is officially installable via Appearance > Install > Search in your own WordPress install!

I’ve been wanting to get one of my own WordPress themes on the official WordPress.org repo for over a year now, and Hro has made it so others can enjoy it too!

This edition Hro is going to be called Hro “Zp,” for ZenPress.

Hro 13.9p

The “p” is for “Pic.”

I just added a new picture option to my Hro theme that let’s you specify a picture URL that will put a nice circle of you at the top of the page.

Other Changes

  • You can now put a # in front of tags (optional), or any other character you want
  • Removed lowercase on headers and other items

Want to get Hro? Go download the 13.9p tag now! Or, view others over at Bitbucket…

Hro is 13

Hro was a WordPress theme I created way back, and since I didn’t have much time to re-visit my old theme, I chose a few other ones along the way. But, I’ve had a chance to re-vamp my theme and I’ve given it a big update.

Some of these updates include:

  • Better mobile compatibility
  • Playful fonts
  • Monochrome color scheme
  • “Zen”-like
  • Designed for reading
  • Centered design
  • Cleanup

I plan on getting my theme up on the WordPress repository at some point, so expect some updates on that soon. For now, if you’d like to use this theme, go download a tag over at BitBucket! As of this post is the latest version pushed from me.