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Kindle 3, Just for Reading?

Books aren't Dead

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So I’ve been messing around with my Kindle 3 a little more. I’ve been throwing all kinds of files at it: pdf, png, html, etc both via the Whispernet and USB. I had hoped that the Kindle would be a repository for all my notes, books, and reading. But, the Kindle just isn’t as powerful as I had imagined, it’s just for reading books and occasional online content, when you have a connection. Keep in mind the browser is buggy; things I would think Amazon people would be smart enough to deal with, like for instance, clicking on _blank (new window) links. Right now it displays a message saying it can’t follow the link because it opens a new window. So, program the browser to open it in the same window?

After I threw a few PDF’s and PNG images of scanned notes I took on paper, I quickly found it to become un-usable for such an idea. I found PNG’s and JPEG’s don’t have a zoom feature, so if the scan was letter sized, I couldn’t zoom in on a part of a note. Flat images (scanned larger than the Kindle’s screen) are pretty unreadable too. I even was excited to download the Notepad Active application to take notes. But, I also found it wasn’t the greatest at that either; you can’t get your notes off of it unless you plug it in and dig through directories to find randomly named files with your notes in them, copy and paste…I just wasn’t that interested in doing that much work.

I guess I was a bit too excited about what the Kindle could do for me. I had hoped that I could keep all my reading on there, but with the latest trouble I have been having, it seems that it is really only capable of reading documents intended for it. That means books, for the most part.

Will it work as a library?

I hate holding my books when I read them. I would much rather be holding something like a Kindle. So, it still has a good enough use for me to keep using it for books. I hate that my library of books are at home right now too. I’m not the kind of person that reads a whole book through, I usually jump from one to the other and I certainty use my library as a reference. I can’t take all my books with me, and that has always been a problem.

So, as of now I am hoping that the Kindle will at least be useful as a library. I hope the idea of having all your books on your Kindle isn’t too-far-fetched (meaning, I hope that I’m not disappointing here too). I am currently hunting down the books I already have in ebook format, and I hope I find most of them. It could mean that I would have all the books in my library on my Kindle, available whenever I wanted in a readable book-like format.

At least, that is what I’m hoping.

(Image from Amazon Kindle gets official)