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Sharing Your Personal Life & Too Busy

Being a blogger, I have been tempted to share more personal blogs. But, in the Internet-world, you have to be careful what you say, and not everyone is going to be a-okay with everything you say. I remember creating Enethrie because I wanted to post more personal blogs, but I just really haven’t. But, I got to thinking this morning, ‘why not?’

I guess I imagine, down the road, some employer is going to find my blog and read some opinion I had or some religious belief I share, or something of that manner (that I shared openly), and not like it. But, I always wanted this blog to be more personal, kind of like this post. I find it interesting, over the years I’ve been blogging, how thin the “sharing your personal life” line is. Can you share too much; and, what amount of sharing does that happen to be? I’ve never figured it out, but I love personal blogs, where people just open up and share every little feeling. It’s precisely what I wanted this blog to be- just a blog about a computer-nerd/religious enthusiast/student/whatever.

So, for the next couple of weeks, I am going to try (experiment) and post more personal stuff, and see how it goes. I guess I could always just delete the blog if I thought it was out to ruin my future or something. But, I also guess this blog is really for my friends or other computer-nerds, so who cares?-Right!?

Too Busy

I love my work, I mean sometimes it can suck, sometimes the work isn’t all that great. But, generally, I play on computers all day- and I like that! But lately, well really most of the time, I just don’t have enough time to get the work done, or I am always stressing about getting 4-5 jobs done at once. Between being a student, and trying to accomplish something with that, and the three jobs I have on campus, I just don’t have enough hours to really get the work done.

I spend more time time-managing than I do actually working, it’s a fact, I track my time. In order to get everything done, I often multi-task pretty vigorously. Sometimes I’m so busy I forget to do an assignment, and it’s when that happens that I really start resenting my work.

But, the reason I endure it, and try harder and harder to manage my life day-to-day, is because I am hoping a wide-variety of experience using the web and computers will give me an “experienced” edge when I get out of school. Yet, sometimes, I wonder if it’s really worth it. There’s not really a conclusion to this, I just feel I’m doing too much sometimes.