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Aubrey’s gVim 0.1, Vim/gVim for editing/coding HTML, CSS, PHP & Javascript

Note: A newer version of Aubrey’s gVim is available.

This project arises out of my desire to make gVim/Vim work for me as an HTML, PHP, CSS & Javascript developer. As I continue to make it better and better, for me, I am going to release editions of my gVim/Vim as an install-able application for Windows called Aubrey’s gVim. I’m being the change I’d like to see in the world, and I was looking for a Vim that acted more like my Vim.

My goal is to make gVim/Vim act as comfortably as possible as an HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript editor. Previous editors I have used were Notepad++, Komodo Edit, Textmate, and Sublime Text. I have customized Vim to be a replacement for them and I have also customized Vim to function like them, in terms of common editor usage. This means my gVim/Vim is not your typical Vim configuration. It has been configured to work more like the previous editors I had used before while obtaining the strengths of Vim.

Features and Configurations

  • Code Indentation using preserveindent, copyindentfiletype indent off
  • Tabs over Spaces
  • Tab width of 4
  • Zen Coding
  • Surround blocks of code with text
  • Autoclose HTML Tags
  • Autocomplete "'{[(, etc
  • Pathogen for Plugins
  • Select Mode <Shift>+<Up|Down|Left|Right> selects in Visual Mode
  • Consolas font
  • Visual Tabs
  • Folds Disabled
  • Edit PHP files with embedded HTML, CSS and JavaScript code and highlighting
  • Jellybean Color Theme
  • Insert mode at start, use <ESC> to enter command mode.
  • Arrow keys preferred over hjkl
  • No swap or backup files created
  • Shifting blocks of code using <Tab> and <Shift>+<Tab>
  • Designed to fill a 1366 X 768 screen on startup
  • Start NERDTree using <Alt>-<N>
  • Snippets using snipMate (activated using <Tab>)


Currently Aubrey’s (my) gVim/Vim works only on Windows (the platform I am currently using Vim on).

aubreysgvim-0.01.exe [Installation File]


[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/_yFdwBIMo8E” width=”100%” height=”340″]

I have no clue how the installation will act on your system, though I have tested the install on virtual machines on different platforms, and it has worked well. The only hitch is that you will get a warning when you first launch Aubrey’s gVim asking you to register it with your systems registry. You can see how the installation works in this video.