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Get Wampserver 2.0 on Windows 7 Working

So, really, I’m posting this to drive traffic to my site, because I know there are tons of people trying to find out how to get Wampserver 2 working on Windows 7…

Now, you’re going to do lots of Googl’ing, and I tried everything Google told me to do (like always). I have Visual Studio and SQL Server Express, but neither seemed to be the problem. Somehow, I ran into this post. The guy compiled Wampserver 2.0j (an unofficial predecessor to 2.0i). But, it worked! When I installed Wampserver 2.0i, it never even asked Windows Firewall to unblock apache, and it just stayed red and sat there…useless. But, the unofficial 2.0j asked Windows Firewall to unblock it properly, and it has lots of updates…and worked!

Install it, then thank me later… You can find the Unofficial Wampserver 2.0j at http://pampserver.com/