Smooth Ride for Windows 7 on Acer Aspire One

So, the other day I threatened to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. Since, it’s been the smoothest and most rewarding upgrade I’ve done so far.

I’m not trying to glorify Windows or Microsoft, anyone regular around here knows I love Linux and OSx. But,  I honestly have to give Microsoft some credit with Windows 7. It’s faster, I can use Aero, and common tasks that really bugged me in Windows XP/Vista aren’t that problamatic.

For instance, connecting to wireless networks. It was a little clunky in XP and Vista, but it’s just a click away in Seven – something Linux desktops have been doing for years though. But, it’s been the clunkiness of actions like these that have really put a bad taste in my mouth about Windows, say versus Linux or OSx.

Other activities like using the taskbar, like pinning websites from Chrome, the security warnings, and libraries all made me smile. Even the control panel is easier to use. But the overall thing I’ve noticed is it’s speed. It’s a lot faster, even with resource heavy apps running with Aero enabled. It’s pretty easy to disable Aero, and it’s even snappier. I even noticed using the search in the taskbar was quicker too. Some of my favorite Windows apps are even better too, like Media Player and Paint; the Snipping tool isn’t that bad either. Media Player also recognizes more of my formats than it ever has and has a photo gallery integrated.

So far, using Windows has had me saying, “this is the way it should have been all this time.” And, the only one problem I have been having is not seeing all three power plans when I click the little icon in the taskbar. That seems kind of typical Microsoft oops-ish to me.

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