Coding Wars

So I haven’t really been doing any coding the last few months. The majority of my work has been working on computer systems and such. But, recently, I’ve been doing more coding. Also, during my time of absence, I decided to use Google Chrome and Vim sometime along the way. I wanted to check out Chrome and give it a fair try and learn more Vim/Vi. But, today I was coding a website using Google Chrome/Web Tools and Vim and ended up frustrated and not getting any work done until I decided to go back to my old ways…


Vim is very frustrating. All I had to do was hit a few wrong keys and I could really get frustrated with Vim. Although I found a few features useful (not really features that couldn’t be found in other editors), it was just to cumbersome to use for development. On a server environment it totally makes sense, but in a desktop environment it is clunky. I know it is powerful, I was able to customize tons of stuff- but unless you know where or how to customize it, it really is hard to customize.


Chrome is fast! No doubt about it. But, once I really started trying to edit a page, Chrome just kept getting glitchier and glitchier. Chrome is a great browser for regular Internet browsing use. I just inserted an image into my WordPress post and realized I haven’t re-sized an image in the editor in months!

Going Back

But the moment came when, in my frustration, I brought up my typical Notepad++/Firefox/Firebug setup. I spent all day getting tons of coding work done than I have the last two weeks using Chrome and Vim. I had almost forgot how comfortable I was using this as my primary setup.


I really feel like I just totally got on the bandwagon when it came to Chrome and Vim. I know Vim is useful, I know Chrome is powerful. But, when it comes down to getting real work done, being on the bandwagon was actually a bumpy ride.

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