Backup and save your feed content using Google Reader & Mozilla Archives

So, today I wanted to go ahead and backup the content from my Google Reader. What I do is subscribe to my own websites, and my Facebook feeds, my Twitter Feeds, etc. Why? Because, say you want to save all your Twitter posts in a convenient file or archive (every single one). What you would have to do is click ‘more posts’ on the bottom of the page over and over until you get all your tweets. The same for your blogs, and Facebook updates, etc. But, because most of these sites use RSS, and Google archives each and every entry (Twitter, for instance, will only let you go so far back), you can load them all up on one page and save them.

This is how I do it (watch video to see what this actually does):

  1. Make sure you install Mozilla Archive.
    It is going to let you save the entire page (with nothing missing) as a file you can load up on your browser, with all the content, faithfully; even offline.
  2. Load up Google Reader and select the feed (or folder, which is what I do all the time) you want to backup.
  3. Start to scroll down to the very last entry.
    Google Reader, by default, loads up more posts as you scroll down until you’ve loaded them all. To cheat, just middle click your mouse and get the scroll lock feature and let it scroll down automatically. Go grab some coffee, talk to a friend, watch a few YouTube movies to pass the time.
  4. Then File > Save Page as Archive.

It’s the best way I have found to backup your online life. I also save entire blogs this way too, so when offline, I can reference the information later (given they don’t use exerpts).

Note that the backup is going to only go as far back to the date you subscribed to the feed. Because of this, anytime I start a site, or start a new service that supports RSS, I subscribe to it and add it to a ‘backup’ folder in Google Reader.

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