Allow HTML in your Category Descriptions in WordPress

So, while I was actually starting to move posts over to this lovely site, I noticed that when I saved a category’s description, certain HTML was being stripped.

For example (please no comments on quotes, this is HTML5!),

[html wraplines=”true”]
<a href= target=_blank>Vim</a> is an editor that I came across when looking for alternatives to, what I was currently using, <a href=></a>Notepad++. I eventually started customizing it and trying to get it to work for me. At one point I even gave up, but came back to give it a try again.

It eventually lead to <a href=></a>Aubrey’s gVim, as well as <a href=/tag/vimtips>vimTips</a> and <a href=/tag/aubreygvimtips>Aubrey’s gVim Tips</a>.

In this piece of code, inside a category description, though links were allowed, the class=it was not!

This plugin really came in handy!

[Allow HTML in Category Descriptions]

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